How You Can Help

Here’s a few ways you can help Norman Siegel become our next Public Advocate:

  1. SIGNS – If you live in New York City, please put a Norman Siegel sign on your lawn/car/house/window/apartment wall/spouse. Doing so helps increase our visibility and thus increases Norman’s chances of winning. If interested, please call the campaign at 212 – 481 – 5423 or e-mail me at
  2. MONEY – To be perfectly frank, Norman needs money badly. He is currently last of all the Democratic candidates in fund-raising. So, Norman could use a little help. And believe me, anything you can give will help because contributions through August 31st may be matched 6 to 1 by the New York City Campaign Finance Board. So, if you can give, please do. We need the money so we can put ads up in these last couple weeks leading up to Election Day. Anything you can give is appreciated. Please click here to contribute.
  3. VOLUNTEER – Money’s not the only thing you can give. If you have time, come join our campaign as we try to make Norman our next Public Advocate. Come into our office at 260 Madison Avenue. Or maybe we can figure out a way for you to help from home. If interested, please call the campaign at 212 – 481 – 5423 or e-mail me at
  4. YOUR MOUTH – Even if you don’t have time to volunteer, at least take the time to tell a few friends and fellow New Yorkers about Norman. Discuss the issues. Talk about his dance moves. Whatever you want. But if you can help spread the word, you’ve just helped our campaign immensely.
  5. VOTE – And the most important thing you can do is vote. If you are a registered Democrat in any of the five boroughs, you are eligible to vote in the Democratic Primary on September 15th. And we need all of you to help make this dream a reality. So vote!!! If you need help finding your polling place, please click this link.


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