Posted by: jonahlr | September 11, 2009

Norman in the Village Voice

Nice mention of Norman in The Village Voice today.

Former New York Civil Liberties Union President Norman Siegel has a very distinguished record, a willingness to fight for causes, and the sort of gadfly temperament that’s seemingly made for the Public Advocate’s office, particularly as a check on our presumably unstoppable corporatist mayor. Naturally he is polling the worst of all four candidates.

It’s a wonderful little snippet, except that last sentence. Last place? What is wrong with us? Here we have the perfect candidate for the job, and yet he’s in last place behind a couple of political hacks and a has-been. Are we, the people of New York, really going to let this happen? I hope not. I hope that rather than give up, we stand up and seize the moment. Volunteer for Norman. Hand out fliers. Make telephone calls. For more information on how you can help, click this link. And most importantly, vote on September 15th for Norman Siegel.


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