Posted by: jonahlr | September 11, 2009

A Busy September 10th and A Quiet September 11th

Less than a week before the big Democratic primary, famed civil liberties Norman Siegel kept busy as he continued his citywide campaign for Public Advocate. Among the highlights from Thursday, September 10:
  • He spoke at the Soundview Senior Center up in the South Bronx. Although I wasn’t at this particular event, I’ve gone with him to a senior center event before, and I must say, these events really are inspiring. Just listening to the dialogue between Norman and the seniors is tremendous.
  • Norman joined his friends at the Postal Union in protesting the potential closing at Pitt Station.
  • Norman attended the Goddard Riverside and St. John’s candidate forums.
  • And he participated in a debate at Hunter College. Unfortunately, Bill de Blasio, Eric Gioia, and Mark Green failed to show up once again, but Norman was there, as was Republican candidate Alex Zablocki and Socialist candidate Maura DeLuca. The three of them were able to have a very good conversation about the issues affecting New Yorkers and the role a Public Advocate can play in solving these problems.
But after a busy Thursday on the campaign trail, Norman will suspend his campaign today in memory of the tragic September 11th attacks. Norman feels that it wouldn’t be appropriate to campaign on a day of such gravity. So, the next major event will be on Saturday, when Norman joins his Postal Union friends again in the annual Labor Day Parade. More details forthcoming!

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