Posted by: jonahlr | September 4, 2009

“The Only Democratic Candidate Who Truly Gets It”

The Brooklyn Paper endorsed Norman Siegel for Public Advocate today, and did a particularly good job of explaining why Norman is the obvious choice for the job.

The endorsement begins with an explanation of why none of the other candidates suffice, starting with Mark Green:

Green did a good job with the position for the eight years during which he held it, but he has approached the campaign with a feeling of entitlement that is at best unbecoming and at worst downright arrogant. Democratic voters should reject his has-been candidacy.

Then, the paper explains why they chose Siegel over both de Blasio and Gioia:

Meanwhile, DeBlasio and Gioia would bring an energy to the office that could use it after eight years under Betsy Gotbaum. Both are ambitious men who see the advocate job as a stepping stone to higher office.

But we don’t want a skilled lawmaker as the party’s standard-bearer for the position. We want an attack dog. Norman Siegel is that man.

They explain why Norman is that man:

As a longtime civil rights lawyer and head of the New York Civil Liberties Union, Siegel has led principled fights whenever society runs the risk of being unjust: he’s fought an NYPD’s stop-and-frisk policy that tends to only stop and frisk black teens; he’s battled police brutality and worked to create a truly independent Civilian Complaint Review Board; he went down South in the 1960s to win civil rights for millions; he’s unabashedly in favor of gay marriage; and he is a true proponent of free speech.

After discussing what he has specifically done for Brooklyn, they go on to say:

All the Democratic candidates talk about using the public advocate office to help the average Joe fight City Hall. But Siegel is the only one who has never been co-opted by having an office in the building. As such, he is the only one who constantly challenges the old orthodoxies that government insiders follow instinctively. If you watch him during our Community Newspaper Group-sponsored debate, which can be seen on the BoroPolitics Web site, you’ll see that he’s the only Democratic candidate who truly gets it.

Those were a few excerpts I took from the endorsement. If you would like to read the endorsement in full, please click this link. Thanks!


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