Posted by: jonahlr | September 3, 2009

The Amsterdam News Endorses Norman Siegel!

Norman Siegel received a tremendous boost today. The Amsterdam News, the oldest continuously published black newspaper in the country, has endorsed Norman Siegel for Public Advocate. Here’s the text of that endorsement:

The public advocate is a position that is supposed to be the ombudsman for the people of New York to their government. The city charter states in section 24g, “The public advocate shall establish procedures for receiving and processing complaints, responding to complaints, conducting investigations and reporting findings, and shall inform the public about such procedures.” The office is responsible for dealing with many of the 311 calls the city gets each day.

There are five candidates that are running for this position in the Democratic primary. Four of those five are good men who could bring a lot to the position (we do not feel that Mark Green is an appropriate candidate). Each have a great dedication to New York and want to make it a great place for everyone and their families to live in and grow. Even though lacking political power that it had years ago, it still is the city’s watchdog for the mayor and other city government agencies. What makes this position unique is that it is the people’s position. It is the one office in government that represents the people against government.

Norman Siegel has run for this office before. He has run before and is running again because he feels that the people of the city need an independent voice that will speak for them. As the head of the New York Civil Liberties Union, he spoke for the voiceless and often powerless. He has been a champion of rights throughout his career. He has fought City Hall, struggled for improved community-police relations and pushed for greater accountability on the part of the NYPD. He has advocated and represented 9/11 families, the Skyscraper Safety Campaign and Firefighters Families, the Transit Workers Union and the United Federation of Teachers in FIRST Amendment lawsuits, in addition to African-American and Latino police officers in a racial discrimination lawsuit against NYC, as well as New Yorkers against the extension of term limits. He is a man of the people and that is why the New York Amsterdam News endorses Siegel for public advocate for the City of New York.


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