Posted by: jonahlr | September 1, 2009

After No-Shows at ARGUS, High Anticipation for CASA Promesa

Less than a week ago, on Thursday, August 27, Bill de Blasio, Eric Gioia, and Mark Green all failed to show up to the ARGUS HIV/AIDS candidate forum. Norman Siegel showed up, because that’s the type of man he is and the type of Public Advocate he will be. And so, what was supposed to be a debate amongst several candidates turned into a town-hall meeting, where Norman spoke, took a lot of questions, and had a constructive dialogue with the people there about the various issues they face.

Norman showing up was huge. The people there seemed moved that a candidate finally was ready to listen to this oft-forgotten community. Yet, at the same time, the hurt abounds, and the other candidates not showing up just adds to the sense that their problems are being ignored.

So, now the spotlight is even greater, as CASA Promesa, a long-term care facility, prepares to host their candidate forum tomorrow afternoon. Will the other candidates be there? Will they finally demonstrate some concern for those with HIV/AIDS?

Norman will be there. The question is, will anyone else?

WHAT: CASA Promesa Candidate Forum

WHEN: September 2, 2009, 5pm to 7pm

WHERE: 1776 Clay Avenue, Bronx, NY

HOW TO GET THERE: Take the MTA B/D train to 174th/175th Street Station OR take the 4 train to the 176th Street Station OR take the Metro-North Harlem Line train to Tremont. The forum is on Clay Avenue between East 174th and 175th Streets.

FOR ADDITIONAL HELP: Call 914 – 912 – 9900 or try


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