Posted by: jonahlr | August 28, 2009

Norman Stands Strong at First Campaign Finance Board Debate

The headlines from today’s Campaign Finance Board debate will certainly focus on the constant bickering between candidates Bill de Blasio and Mark Green, but while those two were exchanging cheap shots and harsh rhetoric, Norman Siegel stood strong, speaking directly to the people of New York about the real issues at hand. I would love to say more about the debate, but I don’t want to give anything away since the TV viewing isn’t until Sunday. Sometime after Sunday’s airing though, I’ll give you my full perspective on the debate. For now though, I will just say that it was a pleasure being there, and I recommend you all tune in Sunday morning at 11am to watch Norman outline what he would do to make the greatest city in the world even greater.

Just to review:

WHAT: The First Campaign Finance Board Public Advocate Debate

FEATURING: Bill de Blasio, Eric Gioia, Mark Green, and Norman Siegel

WHEN: Sunday, August 30, 2009 at 11am on WABC-TV

The debate will additionally be aired on WNYC radio. I will post that information as soon as I get a hold of it. Thanks!


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