Posted by: jonahlr | August 21, 2009

Norman Makes Headlines in the Bronx

Norman Siegel made the front page of the Bronx News Check out Norman’s thoughts on education policy, Mayor Bloomberg, and the role the Public Advocate must play in making New York City government more accountable to the people of New York.

And if you don’t feel like reading the whole article, I’ll put some of the highlights below.

Norman was particularly critical when it came to the mayor’s education policy. He told the Bronx News:

“As far as I’m concerned, the Mayor and Schools Chancellor Joel Klein have been patronizing and condescending toward parents who have youngsters in the city’s public schools. Their view, which I strongly disagree with, is that parents shouldn’t be involved in the public-school system.”

Norman also spoke about reducing class sizes in New York’s schools:

“I will use my office as a bully pulpit to fight for the reduction of class sizes to 20 students.”

He talked about localizing the Public Advocate’s office:

“When I’m elected as Public Advocate, I’ll open satellite offices in various neighborhoods throughout the city so that we can hear, first-hand, from New Yorkers about the issues that really matter to them.”

And of course his comments regarding the Mayor:

“The Mayor has many good qualities, especially in terms of management of the city’s bureaucracy. However, in my view, he and his staff are too aloof and disconnected from the people in our city. A number of people on the Mayor’s staff, who made significant contributions to the city before they assumed their current positions, changed their stripes when they joined the Mayor’s staff.”


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